- seventy-two hours: the book


*This is a limited edition pressing of only 300; each copy is signed and numbered. Limited stock remaining.

Seventy-Two Hours is a study of intimacy and trust, examining both the authentic and the staged as captured over a three-day period with two distinct subjects. The collection is a series of vignettes that explores the effect of time and personal boundaries, muddling the line between life and art.

We had no hair stylist, makeup, wardrobe, budget, plan, or format that we initially followed for this project. All I had was my case full of cameras and a couple of zip-lock bags stuffed with black-and-white film. Ultimately, what you’ll find inside of Seventy-Two Hours is a collaborative effort of trust and raw vulnerability; a willingness to embrace whatever the world provided, finding beauty and honesty in ordinary daily events.

Seventy-Two Hours will feature two creative partners, Tate and Remy, each individually shot over a separate seventy-two hour period. The publication will be printed dual-cover to feature both of these three day spans in their own unique fashion.

Like the rest of my work, all of this was shot on black-and-white film, free of retouching, manipulation, or digital postproduction; all work is done in camera or in the dark room.

Please feel free visit my website (http://noahjashinski.com/), my blog (http://noahjashinski.tumblr.com/), and my instagram (https://instagram.com/noahjashinski/) to see more of my work.

Base Specs

The book is approximately 50 pages.
Dimensions: 9 x 12.
The book was printed by Astley Gilbert printers on a thick inner stock with a soft touch, laminate, matte cover.